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Men's Plantar Ease Crew | Plantar Relief Socks

men's plantar ease crew compression sock
Men's Plantar Ease Crew | Plantar Relief Socks
Men's Plantar Ease Crew | Plantar Relief Socks
Men's Plantar Ease Crew | Plantar Relief Socks

Our Plantar Ease works by firmly supporting to the Plantar Fascia and the Achilles Tendon and applying pressure that encourages blood flow upward to reduce swelling which ultimately minimizes pain and discomfort.

Firm Compression around the Arch


33% Merino Wool
33% Bamboo Rayon
28% Stretch Nylon
6% Spandex

Do you suffer from plantar fasciitis? Soothe and comfort your feet with firm support of the plantar fascia and achilles tendon.

Recommended for:

  • Long distance runners
  • Prolonged standing
  • Pregnant women
  • High arches or flat feet
  • Very active people

Our Plantar Fasciitis Relief socks provie maximum support and stabilization through firm compression, help to minimize swelling, reduce fatigue, and soothe sensitive feet.

Always consult your doctor if you have any questions regarding wellness products.

Find your shoe size in the chart below. If you're in between sizes, we recommend sizing up. 


small / medium

4 - 7.535 - 38
medium / large8 - 117 - 1039 - 43
large / extra large10.5 - 1344 - 47


Turn Inside Out, Machine Wash Warm, Tumble Dry Low Heat, Do Not Bleach.


Machine wash cold, air dry.

Better for the planet, good for your socks.

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We stand by our socks and our promise to help you feel better. If you are not happy with your socks, please contact us.  We want you to love your Sockwells!

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