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Fall 2020 Collection: Behind-the-Sock

Written By: Mercedes Marchand, VP of Design at Sockwell

As I begin my research for every new season, I am always admiring global trends and what is going on in our modern culture. I use what I observe in society as well as in the hearts and minds of people to forecast our collections, so they can fill the role of well-needed comfort based on my observations. It’s ingrained in me to see the commonality between patterns, colors, and different movements as people live their day-to-day lives.

No one could have ever anticipated that we would be facing a global pandemic that is so deeply changing our world…and how we view it. Yet, it amazes me to look at our Fall 2020 Collection, one that was conceptualized and created long before the arrival of the COVID-19 crisis, and still feel the comfort of the collection’s impact more than ever.

This season was always going to be about taking care of ourselves and the world around us. It was always going to be about finding solutions and paying special care to one another as well as our environment.

The year 2020 was branded as “the future” long before it ever arrived. Call it a turning point, if you will. It was and still is considered a milestone to represent a dirty finish and a fresh start, to embrace the importance of new voices and inter-generational perspectives.

When I was conceptualizing our Fall 2020 Collection, I paid close attention to certain moments and global movements that were leading us to a “fix the future” mindset. We all had different dreams of what this future would hold. And as we sit in the midst of it all, it is clearer now more than ever that it is a time to craft, shape, and implement solutions in society for generations to come.

Here is a closer look at the designs and inspirations for our Fall 2020 Collection:


Every season we add new colors to our custom color palette to evolve our collection and fulfill the cultural shifts we experience. We are introducing Red Rock and Sage as new colors to represent the desire to fix the future and create sustainable solutions for our planet.

Red Rock is a red/orange with an earth tone base. The neutral red appeals to everyone of all genders and all age categories for an overall acceptance of warmth. It is inspired by the desert, and its sunbaked environmental features to add tenderness to our color palette as well as our day-to-day lives.

The color Sage is a soft neutral with a subtle green tint that reflects the maturing of pastels. There is a subtle grey base that moves across all genders and adds a feeling of a fresh lightness for the evolving movement of wellness.

New styles, new yarns

Every season, we always look for ways to improve our socks to give you comforting new styles that you love. Our collection would not be complete without brand-new styles and the addition of our sparkling yarn to add a glimpse of light and brightness to our lives. You will still experience the same softness and comfort of our custom blended homegrown merino wool and bamboo rayon yarn—now with an extra splash of sparkle.

Sport Glam

You know what they say. A dash of sparkle never goes out of style and elevates our happiness from day to day. We manufactured a yarn with a hint of sophisticated shimmer and shine to add radiance to our collection. You can find this yarn in some of our best-selling women’s styles such as the Circulator, Chevron, and On the Spot.

You can also find our sparkle yarn in one of my favorite new styles, Winterland. The Winterland has four zones of graduated compression with a winter-edition novelty design. This style was carefully created with an elegant snowflake design and a hint of sparkle that you will love during the chillier months of the year.

Our new sparkle yarn is also found in our Essential Comfort category. See Sparkle Spray for your everyday comfort needs with a dash of sparkle.

The Novelty Collection

This season, we introduced exciting styles with novelty designs to fit perfectly with your personality. The Novelty Collection has fun, uplifting styles and make the very best conversation starters.

I, personally, love Feline Fancy and Canine Cuddle, women’s graduated compression socks with cute images of our furry friends. They give me a happy, heartfelt feeling when I look at them, as pets have been extremely important for our creature comfort during the current COVID-19 times. Wearing the Feline Fancy or the Canine Cuddle is a fun way to show your love for your pets while still feeling comfortable. And in style.

The novelty styles are also available in Essential Comfort. See Cuddle Buddy and Cuddle Kitty in women’s as well as Now and Tender Foot in men’s.

Series Expansions

This season, we extended our Wide-Calf Fit series to include a new style called Full Twist. It is a moderate graduated compression sock specially designed to fit a wider calf, and it comes in 5 beautiful colors. What’s not to love about this new style!

Our hiking socks collection has always been well loved by outdoor enthusiasts. The socks in this collection feature graduated compression and are made from our custom yarn blend of homegrown merino wool and alpaca (for an extra punch of softness and comfort).

This season, we’ve introduced two new styles to both our women’s and men’s hike and outdoor category. Find the Mountain Beat Knee High and Mountain Beat Crew in our women’s selections as well as the Modern Mountain Over the Calf and Modern Mountain Crew in our men’s sections.

We believe it is our job to bring you solutions for comfort while expanding our consciousness and care in manufacturing to minimize our impact on the planet. There’s no more time to pretend. Solutions are needed.

This is the year for tangible solutions, and we are designing for the future.


When we say your feedback is important to us, we mean it! If you try any of our new (or existing) styles from our Fall 2020 Collection, please reach out to us. You can write to our Sockwell team on Facebook or Instagram to let us know about your experience with us and our socks.

Stay well. Stay safe!

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