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  • Socks That Work As Hard As You Do

    Perform better and recover faster with Sport Compression.

    Socks That Work As Hard As You Do

    Perform better and recover faster with Sport Compression.

Inspire to live in the moment

Feel better in all new styles and colors of the best merino wool socks on the market.

At Sockwell, we stand for wellness.

We believe it’s our job to bring you more solutions for comfort, both emotionally and physically. So, we made high-quality affordable compression socks to do just that—with radiant, uplifting designs, custom blended merino wool-based yarns, and a commitment to minimizing our environmental impact.

No matter what you do or where you go, our merino wool socks will be there for you every step of the way. To us, it’s always been about Feeling Better in Style.

Sockwell socks are proudly and sustainably made in the USA with homegrown merino wool. Always.

Feel Better in Style

Your feet deserve better. In fact, they deserve the best. So, we reinvented the therapeutic sock by spinning innovative technology with fresh, modern styling for a lifestyle look. 

Our homegrown merino wool compression socks come in a variety of colors, sizes, and compression levels with eye-catching designs. Made with custom-crafted yarn blends, they’ll help your feet stay dry and odor-free all day long. Get to know our company story and what makes our socks unique.

Why Merino Wool?

You’ll love our custom blend yarns from homegrown merino wool that is 100% made in the USA. Merino wool absorbs and evaporates moisture and is temperature regulating. It is great for all activities, including hiking, running, biking, and so much more.

Merino fibers are softer than standard wool, making them comfortable and easy to wear. Our merino wool socks encourage breathability while keeping your feet dry, cool, and ventilated.


Our Feel Better Guarantee

We stand by our homegrown merino wool socks and our promise to help you feel better. If you're not happy with your compression or Everyday Comfort socks, contact us and we'll take care of you. We want you to love your Sockwell socks!

Sockwell: Commitment to Quality Every Day

Sockwell is known for our commitment to quality compression socks, but our commitment to your health is so much more! Whether you want to improve your workday, your athletic ability, an underlying health condition, or just feel better and more invigorated in your everyday life, Sockwell cares about the quality of your socks getting you there.

Sockwell socks are made from natural fibers, sourced right here in America. Fine Merino wool, bamboo rayon, lambswool and Alpaca blends provide performance, durability and sustainability. The natural properties of these fibers:

Socks for Your Comfort

Sockwell’s commitment to your comfort extends past the quality, natural fibers used to encompass superior design components that keep you comfortable. In addition to staying dry, regulating temperature and fighting odor, Sockwell socks feature design elements like:

We also offer specialty lines with additional support elements, like the supportive sole of our Plantar Relief socks and split toe feature in our Bunion Relief socks.

Socks for Your Style

At Sockwell, we know it’s not all about the comfort (even though that’s super-important, too). We know you don’t want to hamper your style with plain ole’ black or white socks, so we incorporate the latest trending colors and patterns so you can stay on point with your personal style. We offer awesome colors like bluestone, ash, celadon, mulberry and azalea. Our patterns include bold geometrics, sassy stripes, happy hearts, fancy florals and super block solids. And we go to the height of your style, too, with sock lengths from micro and mini to quarter, crew and knee high. No matter what your style, we have a sock for you!

Socks to Support You and the Community

Sockwell is committed to supporting our community by sourcing our merino wool right here in the USA! We source as much of our fiber blends from responsible, sustainable sources and local farmers so we can spread the joy and keep resources close to home. Our socks are made in Chattanooga and our mills are located in North Carolina and Alabama. We hold all our global meetings in Chattanooga so our community flourishes from the travel business we bring in, too. We stand by our commitment to quality in our community and yours.

Commitment to quality is what we’re all about. See how Sockwell can improve the quality of your life today!


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