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Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is right around the corner, but what do you get someone that already has the best jokes and a one-of-a-kind, cool personality? I mean, he is a dad after all.

But even for the dad who seems to have it all, we came up with some ideas and gift experiences to help you celebrate all the special father figures in your life. Whether your dad is the king of the grill, an avid golfer, the outdoorsy type or even a DIY dad, we hope our gift guide can inspire you with an equally cool yet purposeful gift he will cherish time and time again. 

All hail the grill king.

If your dad thrives on grilling the best burgers or has an apron that reads "Grill Master," this one's for him. With the summer being a perfect time to crank up the grill and show his skills, we gathered a few ideas to take his grill game to the next level.

  • Western BBQ Smoking Chips: Smoking chips can add a flair to any meal, and Western BBQ has premium products with big flavor. From Apple and Maple to Hickory and Mesquite wood chips, the flavor opportunities are endless. His burgers just went from an A+ to an A++ (if that's even a thing).
  • Sockwell Essential Comfort Socks: Nothing goes better with his apron and grill tongs than a pair of our super-soft, mega-comfy Essential Comfort socks. Our custom merino wool and bamboo rayon blend regulates temperature and will keep his feet cool and dry. 
  • Make a Recipe Video: In a world of likes, shares and comments, it will be a fun opportunity to make a video of a family-favorite recipe with your dad to share on social media. Gather the ingredients, set up a camera and create a step-by-step tutorial of dad's secret sauce.

The dad who's golfing again.

Does your dad spend hours on the green? Does he polish his clubs before the next big tournament? Does he scout out all the best golf courses around town? If so, you might just have a Golf Dad. Here are a few recommendations of gifts to get your Golf Dad on Father's Day. 

  • Sockwell Sport Compression Micros: Designed with athletes in mind, our Men's Sport Compression micros have compression construction and arch support for all day comfort while on the course. Our custom merino wool and bamboo rayon blend will help keep his feet dry and prevent uncomfortable blisters. The micro length also offers an even cooler option for warm, golf-approved weather.
  • Blue Tees Rangefinder: A par-fect, practical tool for the golf lovers in your life is the Blue Tees Rangefinder. It helps dial in the distance to the hole, which makes choosing the right club a breeze. 
  • Topgolf: Spend an afternoon at a local Topgolf to share his love for golf in a vibrant, family-friendly environment. Reserve a bay, order some food and have a fun-filled day with dad. Nothing says Golf Dad like outscoring his kids on Father's Day.

    The "I can fix it all" DIY dad.

    Need a new bench for your patio? Dad's got it. How about a new shelf for your bathroom? Consider it done. If this sounds like your dad, you have been blessed with a DIY dad. His "Dad can build it" mentality adds a useful hand for all your home improvement ideas, so we put together some great gifts to make his projects even more fun (and comfortable).

    • Dewalt Jobsite Radio: Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like cranking up the volume to your favorite music. Dewalt has a great selection of jobsite radios, durable enough to withstand workshop conditions. Singing, dancing and working on a new project may just become your dad's favorite pastime. 
    • Sockwell Lifestyle Compression socks: While your dad is great at making ideas come to life, these projects can take a toll on his legs and feet. Our Lifestyle Compression socks have four zones of graduated compression to reduce swelling, fight fatigue and energize his every step. But warning: he may want to stay in his workshop even longer.
    • Build Cornhole Boards: I know some of you call this game Bags or Baggo, but I was born and raised in Southeastern Tennessee. So bear with me here. Cornhole is a go-to family game for hours and hours of outdoor fun. If your dad loves to build, take an afternoon to create the boards together and paint them with a special design. Here are the dimensions of a regulation size cornhole board.


    The great outdoors, for a great dad.

    For many people, the great outdoors is the go-to place to breathe a little fresh air and feel your spirits lift at the sight of a beautiful view. With the weather warming up, it's a perfect time to spend quality time with your dad on the trails. Here are some ways to celebrate your nature-loving dad.

    • Orca Cooler: A durable, leak-proof cooler is a staple for the dad who loves to be outdoors. It's the perfect addition to any camping sight or outdoor excursion. Orca Coolers have soft and hard options to suit your outdoor needs. And the best part? They're Made in the USA.
    • Sockwell Hiking Socks: Our hiking socks feature compression to support every step on the trail and minimize swelling during a long day of adventure. Paired with our special merino wool and alpaca blend, our socks will absorb and evaporate moisture while preventing those stubborn blisters. Go ahead. Let him hit the trails, comfortably.
    • AllTrails.com: It's always a win to see your dad's face light up with a smile, after inviting him on a hike through the mountains. AllTrails.com makes it easy for you to search for nearby hikes that are suitable for what you are looking for on the trails. Duration, difficulty and dog-friendly options are a few of the criteria you can use to navigate the perfect day outside.




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