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3 Key Reasons to Buy American-Made Socks

It’s time you tossed out your old threadbare socks and started stocking your dresser drawers with American-made socks.

Why? There are lots of reasons, from supporting businesses here at home to accessing a wider variety of eco-friendly socks made from sustainable materials.

Ready to dip a toe into the specifics? We’re covering three important benefits of shopping for made-in-America socks.

1. Purchasing USA-Made Socks Lowers Your Carbon Footprint

What you wear on your feet can actually decrease your carbon footprint. When you shop for American-made socks, those products don’t need to cross oceans to get to your local retailer or doorstep.

With brands like Sockwell, the materials that go into creating your comfortable socks are thoughtfully sourced from local producers. This drastically cuts down the time spent polluting the environment and drawing on valuable resources during transit.

In other words, every time you buy domestically manufactured products, you’re making a more eco-friendly choice.

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2. Buying Made-in-America Socks Means Supporting Businesses That Share Your Values

It’s not just the environment that benefits from your purchase; you’re making the world a better and safer place for people and animals, too.

When you buy from American sock manufacturers, you’re supporting fair wages, higher safety standards, and better working conditions. Plus, every purchase goes toward the creation or stability of jobs that support hardworking families and communities here in the U.S.

When you shop at Sockwell, you’re supporting not just our team but the wide network of American-based businesses that we’re proud to partner with. This network includes wool processing plants in South Carolina, knitting mills in North Carolina, and dye houses and designers across the country.

We’ve been working with dependable American sheep farmers for 15 years and counting. You can count on the fact that our American-grown wool comes from domestic sheep farmers who care about maintaining high standards of animal welfare.

3. Shopping American-Made Socks Opens the Door to Higher Quality Products

Do quality socks make a difference? Absolutely! You’ll agree if you’ve ever struggled with stinky, scratchy, bunched-up socks made from who knows what.

Socks made from high-quality, American-grown merino wool are kinder to your feet, offering greater comfort and durability. This type of wool will keep your feet dry and also prevent unpleasant odors. Plus, wool socks are designed to help your toes stay toasty in the cold weather and cool in the warmer seasons.

Who knew a wool sock could do so much for your comfort?

The Best Socks Are Made With Love in the USA—Find Yours at Sockwell!

What happens when you stock up on American-made socks from Sockwell? Every step of the way—from farm to feet—you can feel better about your carbon footprint and actual footprint.

Kick up your feet and order USA-made socks today from Sockwell’s wide selection of compression socks. Our offerings include American-made men’s socks and women’s styles, from ankle socks and crew socks to athletic socks and over-the-calf socks, all available in beautiful designs and colors. Find your favorites and get ready to Feel Better in Style.

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