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Get to Know Our Fine Merino Wool and Alpaca Socks

If you’re building something to last, you start with a strong foundation. Whether speaking in terms of relationships, career goals, or your socks, a solid foundation is needed to support growth and development through time.

When we started making socks back in 2008, we focused on the foundational element of socks: our yarn. We knew to make the best socks out there, we needed the best yarn out there. So we blended USA-grown, fine merino wool with fibers like bamboo rayon and alpaca to create unique yarns with some amazing benefits.

Over the years, we’ve created hundreds of individual styles and beautiful colorways showcasing our merino wool and alpaca blend, and helping our customers to Feel Better in Style.

So why add anything to merino wool? Merino wool is already well known for its extreme softness and ability to keep your feet dry and comfortable to due its natural thermoregulating properties. What more could you want in a wool sock? Well, at Sockwell, we believe in enhancing the sock wearing experience and pushing the design envelope, whether through our expansive color palette or the technology in our yarns. With the addition of alpaca to our merino wool, we take the already amazing benefits of merino wool to the next level in comfort, durability, and performance.

What is Alpaca?

We absolutely love merino wool. And with our merino wool/alpaca yarn, we work to enhance and elevate everything wool has to offer by blending it with alpaca. If you’ve never seen an alpaca, we highly recommend you look one up, pronto. You will not be disappointed with their cuteness.

Alpaca is a natural and sustainable material known for its extreme softness, among other things. Alpaca wool is lofty and fluffy to the touch, giving it a close resemblance to cashmere.

Alpaca Features

Alpaca, while similar to merino wool, has many features that make it a perfect complement to our fine merino wool.

Durability and strength. Alpaca wool is one of the strongest fibers around, with an average tensile strength of 50 N/ktex (the measurement for staple strength). Alpaca fiber has greater strength as compared to a wool fiber of the same diameter. The result is increased durability in the wear of a sock compared to a similar wool sock.

A fluffy, super soft texture. Alpaca has a soft feel and natural loftiness. You’d be hard-pressed to find a loftier, more luxurious fiber than alpaca, which is often described as having a silkiness to the touch.

Thermoregulation. Alpaca, like merino wool, keeps you cool in warm temperatures and warm in cooler temperatures. Alpaca fiber has a hollow core that provides a natural insulation and that traps warmth. Alpaca is also virtually water repellant, keeping moisture away so you stay dry and comfortable.

In essence, when spun with our fine merino wool, alpaca wool takes the unique, natural benefits of wool blend socks to the next level.

Our Custom Merino Wool and Alpaca Blend Socks

We’re passionate about what we create for you, and our custom-crafted fine merino wool and alpaca blend socks are no exception. When we take our superfine merino wool and add in the magical properties of alpaca, we create a truly exceptional experience for your feet. Brilliant colors, a silky feel, and unique thermoregulation properties make this sock stand out from the herd.

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