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What Are the Best Ways of Washing Merino Wool Socks?

Marvelous merino may be naturally odor-resistant, but washing your merino wool socks properly is key to keeping things sustainable. The better you care for your pairs, the longer you can rock your socks. That means keeping them on your feet and out of the landfill. 

The problem is that washing merino wool socks incorrectly can lead to fading or damage, which is less than comfy. While you don’t need to wash merino wool very often, you can’t avoid the laundry room forever. Below, we offer our top tips for extending the life of your beloved Sockwells.

How Often to Wash Merino Wool Socks

Even the sweatiest post-workout feet can stay odor-free in merino wool, and you can conserve water by only washing your socks after two or three wears. (Yes, really.) If you’ve only worn them around the house, they can often last a little longer between washes. 

Use your judgment, however. Don’t go for any world records. Regular washing keeps those merino wool fibers soft!

Our Merino Wool Socks Washing Instructions 

Flip Them 

Always turn your wool socks inside out before you begin. This will prevent friction from damaging the fibers. It will also keep lint from clinging to the wool, so they’ll always come out looking fresh.

Keep It Cool (or Warm)

You can safely wash wool socks in both warm water and cold water, but avoid high heat. Always choose a gentle cycle. If your washing machine has a designated wool cycle, even better! 

Washing your wool socks in hot water might cause their stunning colors to fade. Plus, heat can weaken wool over time. If you’re worried, you can always hand wash your Sockwells.

The Milder, the Better

Use a wool wash with a neutral pH. Acid is wool’s natural enemy and will break down delicate fibers. Avoid fabric softener for the same reason.

Let Air Do the Rest

Air drying is the most environmentally friendly way to dry your socks. Can’t wait that long? Our resilient, pre-shrunk socks also do well on a low-tumble dry setting. 

The Secret to Washing Merino Wool Socks

At Sockwell, we put sustainability at the heart of everything we create. When you follow our washing instructions, your socks will look and feel amazing for years to come. Browse our collection and discover your next favorite pair today.

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