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The Best Soft Top Socks

At Sockwell, we’re constantly working to enhance every aspect of your sock wearing experience. That’s why we decided to take on the age-old problem of tight tops and introduce our Soft Top Promise, a commitment to non-binding tops that stay up all day long.

What Are Soft Top Socks?

We re-engineered every pair of women’s and men’s socks across our entire Essential Comfort category to feature three important features:

  • Non-binding tops
  • Super-soft elastic
  • Contoured fit

When these innovative features are combined with our custom merino wool-based yarn blends and additional enhancements like seamless toe closures and arch support, the result is a wide range of styles that stay up, stay comfortable, and stay stylish, all day long.

We’re not too modest to say we make the very best soft top socks. What’s more, every pair of Sockwell socks is backed by our Feel Better Guarantee.

Shop our Essential Comfort Socks, featuring our Soft Top Promise

The Innovation Behind Our Soft Top Promise

We Designed the Best Soft Top Sock

As sock architects, we love to get into the details behind the construction of a well-made sock. We’re incredibly proud of the unique, innovative characteristics of every pair of Essential Comfort socks and our newly re-engineered soft top socks.

Have you ever taken off a pair of socks at the end of the day to find that they’ve completely lost their shape while somehow managing to stay up? And then you realize there’s a deep crease halfway up your calf, where the elastic was clearly holding onto your leg for dear life?

We fixed that.

By re-engineering the overall fit, carefully curating a range of non-binding tops, and adding just the right amount of stretch and recovery required to stay up without compromising comfort, we’ve created the perfect formula to enhance the overall sock wearing experience. Let’s dive into the “why” behind these important features.

What Are Non-Binding Tops?

Non-binding tops are often associated with diabetic socks and for good reason. Non-binding tops are essential for those suffering from diabetes, but they’re also incredibly comfortable and functional for everyone else, regardless of foot health. Whether you choose an Essential Comfort sock with a turn welt, true rib, or soft roll top, enjoy peace of mind in knowing you’re purchasing soft top stocks that will stay up and stay comfortable without causing an unpleasant crease on your calves.

Why Super-Soft Elastic?

Super-soft, lightweight elastic is one of the key ingredients that make our socks so comfortable. When lightweight spandex is knit with either our fine merino wool and rayon from bamboo yarn or our extra cozy merino wool and alpaca yarn, the result is a buttery soft hand feel that you can’t wait to slip on your feet. Lightweight elastic has just enough stretch and recovery to maintain a comfortable all day fit and feel as good at the end of the day as when you first put them on.

What Is a Contoured Fit?

For, well, forever, socks have been curiously made with the tightest elastic at the top of the sock—the widest part of the leg! This isn’t comfortable for anyone. Not even the slimmest calves might escape the unsightly sock marks, or worsecreases from vertical ribbing down the calf when your socks don't mimic the shape of your leg.

The third essential element in any great pair of soft tops socks is an anatomically correct, graduated fit. The result is a sock that feels like it was made just for you, because, well… it was.

Where Can I Buy Soft Top Socks?

We thought you’d never ask! You can buy men’s and women’s soft top socks right here at But you can also shop in-person at a retailer near you. Check out our store locator to find the nearest Sockwell dealer.

Pro tip: don’t hesitate to ask a store associate to try on a pair of Sockwell soft top socks. Just look for our Essential Comfort socks in the cool grey packaging!

When you wear Sockwell Essential Comfort soft top socks, you’re treating yourself to everyday comfort and wellness. So you can feel your best, no matter how you spend your days.

Live. Work. Play. In comfort.

Shop our Essential Comfort Socks, featuring our Soft Top Promise

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