Compression Socks for Nurses & Healthcare Professionals

Compression Socks for Nurses & Healthcare Professionals


Sockwell Merino Wool Compression Socks are the Best Compression Socks for Nurses and Doctors

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Sore feet and tired legs, but still need to make another round? Feel your best during and after long shifts making rounds or in surgery, while also adding a stylish flair to your scrubs!

With four zones of graduated compression, our socks help ease muscle fatigue, energize your step, and reduce swelling. Knit from custom blended merino wool yarns, our socks will give you a well-deserved, oh-so-soft hug for your feet. Because while you selflessly for others, it's important to take care of yourself, too.

Choose from moderate (15-20 mmHg) or firm (20-30 mmHg) graduated compression styles.

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