Lifestyle Compression

Lifestyle Compression

 Experience Unparalleled Relief With Comfortable Compression Socks


Stay Comfortable While Wearing the World on Your Feet

No more blisters, fatigue, or soreness. Sockwell’s Lifestyle Compression and Sport Compression socks are designed to improve circulation and reduce leg fatigue all day long. Made with custom blended merino wool, they’re high-performance, naturally absorbent, and perfect for any occasion.

Wear our comfortable and affordable compression socks all day, every day. Whether you’re working, traveling, or relaxing on the couch, compression socks help you feel your absolute best. Treat yourself and your feet with our lifestyle comfort socks and stay grounded—no matter where life takes you.


Graduated Compression Socks Deliver All-Day Comfort

The Beauty of Comfort

Feeling tired and worn out from a long day on your feet? Our Lifestyle Compression socks will keep your feet and legs energized and feeling better than ever. Combined with the benefits of compression, our signature merino wool blends are like a gentle hug for your feet. Plus, our stylish designs will liven up your wardrobe.


A Perfect Fit and Feel

Feel great by choosing the ideal merino wool blend, level of compression, and amount of sole cushioning for your lifestyle. These features help deliver 24/7 performance comfort and personalized fit, making you feel like you're walking on clouds all day long. 

Small Footprint, Big Impact

Committed to sustainability and animal welfare, we source 100% of our wool from American sheep farmers. We also practice responsible yarn dyeing and use sustainable packaging materials to reduce our impact on the planet.


Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about our comfort fit compression socks? We’ve addressed some common questions below.


How Are Comfortable Compression Socks Different From Regular Socks?

All-day compression socks are engineered to provide a specific compression level to promote blood flow and help subside swelling. This is accomplished by having tighter compression at the ankle that gradually lessens as it goes up the leg. Regular socks, on the other hand, don’t offer any level of compression. 


What Types of Graduated Compression Socks Does Sockwell Make?

At Sockwell, you can find several types of compression socks for different types of needs.


Lifestyle Compression

Our Lifestyle Compression collection is for anyone who spends long periods of time sitting or standing, which can disrupt the blood flow in your legs and cause swelling and discomfort. The moderate and firm compression levels of these socks work by minimizing that disruption and keeping you energized. These socks are perfect for people with an office job, retail workers, truck drivers, travelers, teachers, construction workers, healthcare professionals, and more.

Sport Compression

Wearing compression socks can help prevent and treat foot injuries by removing friction and adding support. Our Sport Compression collection is perfect for boosting your performance and speeding up your recovery. These comfortable wool compression socks work to stabilize the muscles and reduce swelling in the feet and legs, regardless of your skill level.

Plantar Fasciitis Relief

Plantar fasciitis is a condition that causes pain in the heel and sole of the foot. It often results from overuse, obesity, bad footwear, and prolonged standing. Sockwell’s Plantar Fasciitis socks and sleeves help alleviate pain and can speed up the healing process. These styles provide arch support and different levels of cushioning, and they are available in crew and quarter length options.

Who Should Wear Comfort Compression Socks?

Buying compression socks isn’t complicated—and wearing them can be a game-changer for anyone. If you struggle to do everyday tasks comfortably, we recommend the affordable wool socks in our Lifestyle Compression collection. Climb stairs, take long walks, and stand or sit for long periods of time with renewed vigor. If you lead an active lifestyle, you can find comfort in Sockwell’s Sport Compression collection. Upgrade your gym or hiking socks to get extra support while minimizing leg muscle fatigue. And if you struggle with plantar fasciitis, our Plantar Fasciitis Relief socks will soothe and comfort your feet with firm support.

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