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An Essential Resolution for 2020–You

Written by: Kelsey Chernak, Marketing Coordinator

5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Happy You Year!


Yes, you!

The expectations of new year resolutions are always about doing more. We recite the same script year after year. Eat more vegetables. Exercise more often. Take more trips. Save more money. The truth is there’s one constant in each of those resolutions…you. If you don't take care of "you," then what do all of those other things really mean?

This year we encourage you not to require more from yourself, but to give yourself time for your own personal growth and wellbeing. Let's place our attention on taking care of what we have instead of focusing on the things we lack. Here's to only making resolutions that are essential. The ones that encourage caring for our self and the beautiful planet we live in.

We put together some of our favorite ways to rest and recover, and we encourage you to try them in the new decade.

Regular detox from social media

Social media is great for so many reasons. In fact, we probably wouldn't even talk to our Great Aunt Susan if Facebook didn't make it so easy. However, social media feeds are often filled with unrealistic expectations and can cloud our minds with negativity. We can all benefit from taking time to disconnect from technology. So, in 2020, we encourage you to look up and enjoy our beautiful world.

Invest in community

Connection is a huge part of community. Embracing relationships that make you feel supported are essential to self-care. We need positive connections just as much as we need our planet. This is a healthy practice for your mind and life… and you'll always find a friend in us!

Practice a morning and evening routine

Implementing a routine can be essential to rest and recovery. Nothing says self-care like taking time for things that really matter. The key to routine is regularity. When you find something that works for you and then stick to it, you give yourself the ability to free your mind for better health and productivity. If your routine includes showing love to your feet with Sockwell Socks, then we don't really blame you. 😉

Read, listen, and learn

One of the best ways to experience self-care is by seeing our world through other perspectives. Sometimes it’s great to just shut off your brain and enjoy a good Netflix binge, but too much of that can leave you feeling sluggish and disconnected. Books, podcasts, and skill classes are all great ways to unwind while also giving you that excited jolt of learning something new, connecting with others through empathy, and finding comfort in knowing others share similar experiences.

Don't be afraid to say no

Many of us fall into the trap of always being available to please those around us. While we encourage kindness and believe being nice to others is very important, sometimes taking care of ourselves should take priority. Saying no doesn't mean you’re rude or selfish. It really just means that you are important too. This year don't be too hard on yourself for valuing your own self-care.

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