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What Is the Best Yarn for Socks?

If you’re looking for more comfort and durability in your footwear, start by seeking out the best yarn for socks. When you wear socks with the right fiber content, they’ll keep your toes at the right temperature all day long. Plus, they’ll be easier to launder and last longer than low-quality options.

What are socks made of? And how can you be sure you’re picking out the best pair of socks? Read on to find out more!

What Kinds of Yarn Are Used for Socks?

Whether you’re in search of the best yarn for knitting socks at home or you’re looking for high-quality socks to add to your collection, it’s helpful to understand the different fibers available and why they’re used.

What is sock yarn made from?

  • Natural fibers like wool, cotton, or alpaca that are sourced from plants and animals
  • Semi-synthetic fibers that are manufactured from natural materials, including rayon made from plant pulp
  • Synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, or acrylic that are manufactured from plastics
  • Blends that are engineered to leverage the advantages of each fiber to produce a quality yarn

What Should You Look For in Sock Yarn?

Read product labels to find a type of yarn that offers the following benefits:

Temperature control

Whether you’re shopping for cozy winter wear or summer socks, you want a material that will keep your feet at the perfect temperature all day long, depending on the season.


Certain yarns like pure wool are well-known for their ability to manage moisture. This helps your feet stay dry while preventing the growth of odor-causing bacteria.


The best sock yarn will last for years to come, without shrinking, pilling, snagging, or becoming threadbare. Yarn blends with a little elasticity can help your socks retain their shape over time.

Ease of maintenance

Most people want to toss their socks in the laundry hamper and put everything in the washing machine. A machine washable yarn for socks means you’ll avoid spending time on hand washing. Plus, you shouldn’t have to worry about shrinkage or felting.


When you think of knitting socks, you might picture scratchy, heavy yarn. That’s avoidable if you choose the proper weight sock made from a yarn that’s designed to feel soft and smooth against your bare feet.


The best yarn will allow you to keep up with your everyday activities without annoyances like smelly or saggy socks. Whether you need compression hiking socks or everyday men’s socks for the workweek, make sure you’re looking at how the fiber content can support your needs.

So, What Sock Yarn Ticks All the Boxes?

Here at Sockwell, we’ve found that the best yarn to knit socks of the highest quality is a thoughtfully engineered blend. We blend merino wool with either bamboo rayon or alpaca to ensure optimal comfort.

Merino wool offers superior temperature, moisture, and odor control. Bamboo rayon adds breathability, softness, and a luxurious sheen, while alpaca enhances merino wool’s natural benefits and provides next-level comfort. We also use finer-than-usual yarn weights for our rayon and merino wool sock yarn for extra softness and comfort.

Feel the difference in our signature wool blends for yourself—shop our high-quality socks today!