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5 Easy Tips for Personal Wellness at Work

The key to finding contentment amongst the chaos is easier than you may think.

Written by: Emily Yann, National Sales Manager at Sockwell

In simple terms, we need daily movement, nourishing food, social interaction, and restful sleep to be healthy.  But who among us has all the resources—time, energy, money—following a full day of work to keep it all balanced?

Emily working the Sockwell trade show boothI love my job.  I look forward to my next work out. Cooking great food and indulging in a nice glass of wine at the end of the day feels restorative. I am an “ambivert”, so finding balance between time with others and time with only myself is key to my sanity. I am continually working to be more mindful in my daily choices. 

Does this ring true for you? Our wants and needs aren’t all that complicated. In simple terms, we need daily movement, nourishing food, social interaction, and restful sleep to be healthy.  But who among us has all the resources—time, energy, money—following a full day of work to keep it all balanced? As our work and personal lives become increasingly intertwined, incorporating wellness into the workplace is the key to finding health, happiness, and contentment.

As a sales professional, every week is different.  One week, I’m at my desk running reports, analyzing spreadsheets, and participating in conference calls. The next, I’m dashing through airports, catching up on emails during flights, working our booth at a tradeshow, and navigating an unfamiliar city in between back-to-back appointment. At times it can seem a bit chaotic and overstimulating, but most of the time it feels invigorating and rewarding. The key to finding contentment amongst the chaos—whatever your chaos may be—is carving out moments to satisfy my basic wants and needs.


A few years back, I transitioned to a standing desk.  I didn’t anticipate what a difference this would make. Not only do my hips, neck and back feel better, standing helps me to feel less tired and run down at the end of the day.  I try to stand at least half the day and feel added benefit from my anti-fatigue mat and a pair of graduated compression socks.

If a standing desk isn’t available to you, consider standing during phone calls or when reading printed documents, like reports and presentations. If you have a laptop, find a higher, sturdy surface to prop your laptop, and rotate between sitting at your desk and standing throughout the day. Chances are you’ll inspire others in the workplace to do the same!


When I’m at my standing desk, I notice that I’m more apt to walk to someone’s office rather than call them because I’m already standing up.  This helps me take a screen break and spend some time interacting face-to-face rather than via email or phone.  More productive, and more team-building!  

Cycling in Chattanooga, TNWhen I’m traveling in airports and have time between connections, I like to walk to my next terminal rather than take the train.  Take yesterday for example; I was sitting in meetings and cars all morning, but once I started my trip home through two airports, I actually walked a total of four miles!  Not bad for a “travel day”. 

I also prioritize a lunchtime workout when I’m home, or a 15 minute exercise in the hotel room before I start my day.  It is so easy to mix up a quick workout just to get my heart pumping in the morning and work out some of the travel kinks.  All I need is a 5’3” space to complete five rounds of 10 air squats, 10 sit-ups, 10 mountain climbers, 10 push-ups, and 10 reverse lunges!

If your schedule is a bit more structured, take advantage of break times by going for a short walk or eating your lunch outside.  There’s nothing better than a change of scenery, fresh air, and sunshine to energize your mind and break up daily tasks.


Sleep can often seem like a luxury, but I soon realized through a decade of travel-heavy work weeks that a good night’s sleep is essential. I function best on eight hours of sleep, but many nights it’s a challenge to get the uninterrupted sleep my mind and body needs.  Whether I’m in a hotel room or at home in my own bed, I need about 30 minutes of downtime to settle my mind and body.  I carry a book with me wherever I am and as soon as open that book, my mind can relax and start to unwind. (Here’s what I’m reading now.)

It can be a challenge, but I try to put away my phone an hour before bed. Nothing is going to transpire on emails or social media after nine o’clock at night that can’t wait until the next morning!

Eat Well

I carry a nutrient-rich “emergency snack” with me at all times—oftentimes whole fruit or a protein bar. Whether I’m on a longer than expected conference call, running through the airport to catch my next flight, or driving to appointments, I know I’m prepared to fend off “hangry” feelings and power through until I can have a proper meal. 

Just a few minutes of planning each week to stock up on satisfying and nourishing grab and go snacks can be a life saver in tight situations.  At home or on the road, I work to prioritize higher protein and higher fiber foods which I’ve found help me feel better.  This year I’ve also been working to eat dinner earlier and be more mindful of portion sizes.

And Hydrate 

Dehydration compounds fatigue, and we all already have enough issues fighting off fatigue!  I carry my Hydro Flask water bottle wherever I go and fill it up anytime I see a filtered water station.   



Emily Yann headshotAre you being proactive about your workday wellness? My advice to you (and a friendly reminder to myself): take yourself off auto-pilot and be mindful of how you’re spending your time. When you’re aware of how you’re spending your time, it’s much easier to create space for small changes that can make a positive impact on your overall wellbeing. You’ll soon find that prioritizing your mind and body not only increase your overall happiness, but conversely productivity in the workplace.

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