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Welcome to the Sockwell blog, a space for inspiration and motivation to help you live your best life. 

    How to Pack a Suitcase Like a Pro

    How to pack a suitcase for summer travel
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    As temperatures rise and pool days become more frequent, it can only mean one thing—summer vacation is upon us. But before you shuffle through your closet and double-down on travel outfits, I’ve put together a few pointers and a travel checklist from my own experience that will help guide you on how to pack a suitcase.

    Why Nurses Should Wear Compression Socks

    Compression socks for nurses
    Posted on
    A little bit of ice, stretching and foot massages can heal the pains after a long nursing shift, but many forget that a little proactivity can go a long way. Whether you’re just starting out in your nursing career or an experienced physician in the field, compression socks have become a staple piece in the closets of healthcare professionals for more than just its funky colors.

    Five Easy Tips for Personal Wellness at Work

    Laptop and work out gear
    Posted on
    In simple terms, we need daily movement, nourishing food, social interaction, and restful sleep to be healthy.  But who among us has all the resources—time, energy, money—following a full day of work to keep it all balanced? Written by Emily Yann, National Sales Manager at Sockwell

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