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Heroes of our Honor Our Heroes Giveaway

30 Days. 30 Giveaways. 30 Heroes.

On April 6, Sockwell launched an Honor Our Heroes Giveaway to support the heroes risking their own health to protect and care for our communities. It was an opportunity for someone to nominate their hero and share their story. A nominator and their hero both won a Sockwell Sock Drawer Makeover every day for 30 days. We also announced two grand prize recipients to receive 48 pairs of Sockwell socks donated to a nursing unit or organization of their choice.

We received over 6,000 nominations.

The stories were touching. They were emotional. They came straight from the heart. We could never thank our heroes enough for everything they do, but we are determined to try.

We wanted to create a space for these heroes and their stories to live and inspire all that come across them. Here are the heroes and their stories during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Day 1–Krista and Beth

This pair of selfless sisters have been working on the frontlines as nurses at COVID-19 Testing Centers. Long, exhausting days while performing tests to protect individuals and their communities can be physically and emotionally draining. However, Krista and Beth do not hesitate to step up to the job with nothing but a smile on their face.


Day 2–Donna and Amber

An amazing mother-daughter duo working at the same hospital. Donna has been a GI Lab Technician for over 30 years and her daughter, Amber, is following in her footsteps as a Clinical Nurse Consultant in the ER. Donna’s husband is disabled, and she selflessly picks up shift after shift to support her family during this pandemic.



Day 3–Chris

Chris is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force and one of the only medical providers at his base. He has been working 7 days a week and away from his wife and children since the middle of March–but has never wavered from serving and protecting others. The sacrifices he makes for his community and our country has been an inspiration to our entire team.


Day 4–Stephanie

A compassionate and dedicated Clinical Psychologist that has gone above and beyond to provide holistic care to her patients facing mental health issues–especially with the additional psychological stress from a global pandemic. She has made special in-person visits and provided telemedicine to be there for when her patients need her most.


Day 5–Tim

Tim is a Doctor that works closely with diabetic patients. Throughout this pandemic and nationwide PPE shortage, he has taken it upon himself and his own resources to make desperately needed PPE for his healthcare office and staff. He often purchases socks for his diabetic patients to put a smile on their face and intends to use his Sockwell Sock Drawer Makeover as a gift to his patients.


Day 6–Alicia

A nursing student who worked her final semester on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis. Her pinning and graduation ceremonies were canceled due to the global pandemic, yet she goes to work each day with a smile on her face and a positive attitude and willingness to care for others. Alicia is expected to continue serving her community as a recently graduated nurse.


Day 7–Teresa and Megan

A mother and daughter that take care of COVID-19 patients as frontline nurses. They believe it is their duty to serve their communities and spread joy while doing it. Megan told us that her mother is a total powerhouse nurse and deserves to a spotlight. We agreed.

She was announced as our first grand prize recipient. Teresa chose her unit of Vascular Access Nurses to receive the prize of 48 pairs of Sockwell socks.


Day 8–Tyler and Corinne

A husband and wife with a dedication to protect their community. Tyler is a Firefighter Engineer Paramedic, and Corinne is a frontline nurse. They both willingly step into the unknown time and time again, risking their own health, to serve their community and care for someone in need.


Day 9–Sarochin

A selfless Ambulatory Care Nurse facing the COVID-19 crisis as she provides holistic care and treatments for her cancer patients. Despite the lack of proper PPE, Sarochin has been dedicated to being there for those who need her.


Day 10–Jessica and Maryellen

Jessica is a Respiratory Therapist for a team on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis. Maryellen is the Charge RN for this team and expressed her gratitude for Jessica’s servant attitude. With long days and crazy nights with limited bed space, Jessica steps right in without hesitation to provide help where needed without ever being asked. Her willingness to go above and beyond inspires and motivates her team to keep going for the good of their community.


Day 11–Angela and Tammy

Two nurses that lead by example. Working 13-14 hours shifts with a sore body and feet is mentally and physically exhausting. Angela and Tammy do not let this stop them from serving and protecting others. Tammy says, “Angela inspires the entire team to come together as a big family to hustle and grind for the same goal.” She also explains how it is easy to let the circumstances get you down, but you ultimately find yourself by losing yourself in helping others.


Day 12–Christina and Nicole

A couple of work best friends and nurses providing holistic care and compassion on the frontlines. Meeting over 7 years ago in a medical-surgical unit, Christina and Nicole quickly became best friends and both won the Daisy award for extraordinary performance. When the pandemic rapidly flooded the country, they were both transferred to COVID-19 units at palliative and end-of-life care hospitals. Christina and Nicole are strong, brave and constantly put patients before themselves with empathy.


Day 13–Jonathan and Veronica

A husband and wife with a passion to serve others as ER nurses. Jonathan is also a ground Critical Care Transport RN who is incredibly patient and works hard to protect the community. After the multiple shifts at each job, he carefully decontaminates so he can safely go home to his family.


Day 14–Linda

A retired LPN Nurse currently working part-time at a government assisted living facility. The facility is understaffed while patient care has doubled. She works closely with dementia patients and does her best to explain the pandemic’s circumstances to them. Her patients often do not understand why their families cannot visit or why they can no longer sit closely to the friends they made there. We are truly humbled and inspired by Linda’s devotion to show compassionate and empathy to her patients during these unprecedented times.


Day 15–Brian

A resilient doctor working tirelessly through the COVID-19 pandemic. He goes above and beyond to make sure his patients receive utmost care even in the unprecedented circumstances. His daughter nominated him for being an amazing doctor and father who deserves to be recognized for his efforts. We agreed.


Day 16–James and Joanna

A genuine and brave police officer and a nurse with hearts to help others. Even in an exhausting pandemic, James and Joanna are always there to answer calls and provide  help to those who need it. We are grateful for their dedication to their community.


Day 17–Patty

A true inspiration and reminder that it is never too late to follow your dreams. Patty went back to school to follow her heart and become a nurse. She was in her mid-50’s and voted Most Compassionate amongst her class. During the pandemic, she continues to put her patients and their family’s needs above her own to ensure they feel as comfortable as they can during these uncomfortable times.


Day 18–Christine

A Nurse Extern working physically and emotionally draining 12-hour shifts. Christine knows the importance of being a team player and goes above and beyond without hesitation or complaints. She is filled with compassion and empathy for others and continues to choose others before herself.


Day 19–Geoffrey and Linsay

A Charge Critical Care Nurse in a medical intensive unit and a member of his hospital’s infectious team that trains for pandemics and outbreaks. His leadership is a valuable asset to his COVID-19 team on the frontlines. He ensures his team is properly staff and has proper PPE to keep them safe and healthy. His wife, Linsay, is also a nurse on his team and believes he deserves to be recognized for his commitment to the community. We agreed.

Geoffrey was announced as the second grand prize recipient and received 48 pairs of Sockwell socks for his COVID-19 nursing unit.


Day 20–Ginny

Ginny is a nurse at a children’s hospital working overtime due to the pandemic’s circumstances. Forced to wear N-95 masks for multiple shifts due to the lack of supplies, she is still committed to serving and providing utmost care to her patients.


Day 21–Anthony and Thanh

A husband and wife, who both work as Physicians with their first child on the way. Anthony and Thanh don’t let the insufficient PPE stop them from caring for their patients and protecting their community.


Day 22–Brian

A frontline nurse picking up extra shifts and working late nights with a positive attitude and smile on his face. He has inspired his team and staff with his extraordinary efforts to be his patients’ source of comfort and support during some of their most difficult moments. His compassion and empathy for other is truly astounding.


Day 23–Tyler and Aireen

Two Physicians with a passion to care for their communities. Aireen nominated Tyler for going above and beyond in his hospital as all other hospitals in his rural area closed during the pandemic. They are both compassionate and willing to risk their health to protect others.


Day 24–Susie and Debra

Nurses that work together in a small, 9-bed ER with only one doctor and two nurses available each night. With limited space comes busy shifts and juggling multiple tasks, yes Susie and Debra are compassionate and dedicated to providing much needed care. Debra says, “Susie is always willing to jump right in to help, and I know she has my back today and always.”


Day 25–Favour

Favour is originally from Nigeria and is working on the COVID-19 frontlines as a nurse in Las Vegas. She has a servant attitude and always chooses to put others’ needs before her own. She is compassionate, hardworking and committed to caring for her patients.


Day 26–Meghan and Savannah

They are both dedicated and compassionate nurses working with oncology patients. Savannah nominated Meghan for 12 years of delivering excellent care as a Pediatric Nurse. They are both amazing team players with hearts of gold.


Day 27–Susan

A Nurse Practitioner and an amazing mother to a 13-year-old autistic son and rambunctious 2-year-old. After coming home from her shifts, Susan bakes cookies and grocery shops for her elderly neighbors. Her dedication to serving her patients and neighbors is incredibly heartwarming.


Day 28–Patricia

A model Samaritan helping out her neighbors during this time of crisis. Her son, Kevin, nominated her for buying groceries for her neighbors and playing an integral role in managing the senior in her area. Kevin says, “My mom has proven to be a leader in both my heart and my community.” Now, Patricia has our hearts too.


Day 29–April

A selfless Radiation Therapist working full-time during the pandemic while being 8 months pregnant. April’s willingness to put others first to care for her community is truly an inspiration. Jodi, the nominator, says, “She radiates not only cancer cells but also empathy and devoted care to her patients.”


Day 30­­­–Billie and Seth

A husband and wife committed to caring for their communities. Billie is a selfless RN on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis. She spends 12+ hours wearing a mask and other PPE, coming home with marks all over her face. Seth is a police officer passionate for protecting his community.


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