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Wear These Colors to Feel Your Best

Wear These Colors to Feel Your Best - Sockwell
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We talk a lot about the performance benefits of our custom merino wool blends—but did you know our colors are thoughtfully created to help you feel better, too? Sockwell's Fall 2023 Collection is filled with beautiful shades that support your everyday well-being, inside and out. Below, discover five of our signature categories of tones and the specific colors to filter for so you can find the Sockwell styles that bring out the best in you.


Organic Whites


Seeking a moment of peace? Modern neutrals evoke calmness, connectivity, and sanctuary. These colors look as soft as our signature merino wool blends feel! 

Filter for these colors: Ash, Barley, Grey, Natural, OysterPutty


Ephemeral Pastels


Manifest a calm day or evening ahead with light, soothing hues. Embodying a beautiful gentleness, these colors are the tonal equivalent of a whisper. 

Filter for these colors: Bluestone, Celadon, Chambray, Lavender, RoseSage


Dopamine Brights


Now this is a bright idea for your wardrobe: Wearing colors that channel joy and optimism can help create a positive impact on those around you, too. 

Filter for these colors: Apricot, Celery, Guava, HyacinthInk, JadeOcean, Raspberry, Spearmint, TealViolet


Earth-Based Midtones


Find stability in grounding and reassuring shades that reflect nature’s healing energy. And if you can physically get outside, even better!

Filter for these colors: Bark, Blueridge, Eucalyptus, Juniper, Khaki, Lilac, Mineral, Pine, Plum, Red Rock

Dynamic Darks


Feel your best for big moments like a job interview or date night. Variants of black embody strength and empowerment, while deep browns and blues help express sophistication in your wardrobe.

Filter for these colors: Black, Charcoal, DenimEspresso, Navy



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