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Join Us in Honoring Our Heroes

Join Us in Honoring Our Heroes - Sockwell
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We’ll never forget the moment when we decided to launch the Honor our Heroes giveaway.

As local and national news stations showed images of nurses, doctors, and healthcare professionals donning personal protective equipment on their way to help those most in need, it was personal for our company.

When we launched Sockwell, one of the core groups that found relief from our products were healthcare professionals who spent long hours on their feet. Until Sockwell, compression socks were only made with synthetic materials in black, nude, and white. They looked and felt medicinal. When we introduced beautiful designs and colors with natural fiber function, we inspired people of every age to experience the benefits of compression and have some fun doing it. When living in scrubs, socks are a way to express a lighter mood and add a smile to their day.

We are so humbled, especially at this unprecedented time, to be helping the people who are caring for those affected by this pandemic. This is why we go to work every day. Now more than ever, our Sockwell team is moved to continue to serve these heroes.

We knew we had to do something.

In the Honor Our Heroes campaign, members of the community nominated a healthcare or frontline worker to receive a Sock Drawer Makeover. We gave away a Sock Drawer Makeover every day for a full month and at the end of the month selected two grand prize recipients to receive graduated compression socks for their entire staff. We didn’t know what to expect when we launched Honor Our Heroes, but we were amazed when we received 6,000 nominations. Not only were the numbers incredible, but their emotional, heartfelt stories touched every single member of the Sockwell team.

We knew we needed to do more.

Honor Our Heroes Grand Prize Recipients

For the next 30 days, we’re giving 10% of all sales from anything we sell at to Americares, a 4-star nonprofit that is double-matching donations to put PPE, medicine, and desperately needed supplies in the hands of healthcare heroes who need it the most.

Like countless businesses across the US, Sockwell hasn’t been immune to the challenges this crisis has brought our country. When retailers closed their doors, companies like ours felt it deeply. We still want to help and make a difference in anyway we can.

At Sockwell, we stand for wellness for the consumer, the community, and the planet. We’ve made the choice to invest in American sheep farmers for our wool and support the revival of the American textile industry by making all our products in the USA––by the way, the best graduated compression socks in the market. It’s not the cheapest way to do things, but we feel it’s the best, most sustainable way to do things as a company as well as the best way to do things for our customers, our communities, and the planet.

We invite you to help us support and contribute to the protection of the people on the frontlines working in hospitals, clinics, testing sites, ambulances, and in cities across our country.

Your purchase will help provide desperately needed PPE’s to those putting themselves at risk to take care of us as well as putting more supportive and uplifting Sockwell socks on more people to give them a little more comfort in their heroic efforts every day.

Stay strong and stay safe.

Feel Better in Style,

The Sockwell Team

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