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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and here at Sockwell, we believe in celebrating mothers of all stripes with all sorts of interests. Grandmothers, nature loving mothers, nurturing nurse mothers—heck even plant moms and fur baby moms.

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to celebrate that special maternal figure in your life, we have some ideas. And not just gift ideas, either. We encourage you to make some memories with the moms in your life as well, and have gathered some ideas to inspire some wonderful experiences wherever you might be.

Nature Lover Mother

Is it any surprise how many of our mothers love Mother Nature? Here in Chattanooga, the trails are vibrant with new leaves and blossoming flowers. The water is starting to warm up for all the kayakers and SUP’ers. It’s the perfect time of year to get outside with your mom and enjoy the great outdoors. Here are a few great ideas for the Mother Nature Mothers.

  • Sockwell Women’s Hiking Socks: Our hiking socks feature compression to help prevent swelling on the trail and support your feet and legs. And our special merino wool + alpaca blend regulates temperature, absorbs and evaporate moisture, and helps prevent blisters.
  • Astral Women’s Hiking Shoes: Pair our socks with Astral hiking shoes and you’ll never want to leave the trail. Lightweight and breathable with extra grippy soles, not to mention sustainably made with as much recycled material as possible. What more could you want in a hiking shoe?
  • Invite your mom to join you on a hike and find the perfect trail near you on AllTrails allows you to search for nearby hikes based not only on length and difficulty, but also by whether they’re dog-friendly, ADA accessible, and other criteria.

The Plant Mom

Does your mom spend hours in the garden or landscaping her yard? Does she sing to her houseplants? Does she commonly refer to bees and hummingbirds as pollinators? If so, you have been blessed with a plant mom. Plant moms are akin to Nature Lover Mothers in many ways. They love breathing fresh air and they’re not afraid to get muddy. Here are our recommendations on how to get a Plant Mom to smile on Mother’s Day.

  • Sockwell Women’s Leafy or House Plant: Designed with plant lovers in mind, the Women’s Leafy shows off one’s love for greenery while also providing compression for afternoons spent hunched over their garden plot. Our Women’s House Plant features the same planty design, but with a more relaxed, everyday fit for wandering about the house misting her pothos and succulents.
  • Bloom Kits from Bloomscape: Sending your mom flowers is pretty common for Mother’s Day. But for a Plant Mom, half the fun of flowers is growing them. If that sounds like your mom, we highly suggest sending her flowers in the form of a Bloom Kit from Bloomscape—featuring everything she needs to grow the flowers herself. And when they bloom a couple months later, it’s another reminder of how much you love her.
  • Make Fairy Garden’s together: Spend an afternoon making fairy garden terrariums with your mom. Your local nursery may even have classes or events you can attend with your mom on how to make them. But if not, simply get the supplies from a local nursery and do it at home!

Nurturing Nurses, Doctors & Healthcare Mothers

To say it’s been a trying year for nurses and healthcare professionals is an understatement. Add the rigors of motherhood on top of that, and we believe “superhero” is the more apt term for them. Coincidentally, Mother’s Day also falls right in the middle of National Nurses Week this year. Here are some ways to celebrate your healthcare mom and honor all of their efforts in the past year.

  • Get a pedicure together: Pedicures aren’t all about nail polish. Any mom would appreciate the foot soak and foot rub you get before the nail treatment happens—but especially moms who are on their feet for 12-hour work shifts. And for all you guys out there thinking pedicures aren’t for you—trust me. Pedicures are awesome. Go with your mom and enjoy it.
  • Sockwell Compression Socks: If there’s one group of people out there who love our compression socks, it’s nurses and healthcare pros. Which makes sense. Compression socks are especially beneficial for people who are on their feet a lot throughout the day. They not only prevent swelling, but the improved circulation helps keep your feet feeling less fatigued and tired at the end of the day. Not to mention: our merino wool blends help keep their feet comfortable and dry, and the color styles and designs we make go beautifully with a nice set of scrubs.
  • Coffee Subscription: If there’s something we’ve noticed about nurses and healthcare professionals—they love coffee. Help them start their day and perk up their shifts by getting them a subscription to Trade Coffee Box.

Fur Baby Moms

The fur baby mom thrives on wagging tails, waking up to a wet nose nuzzles, and kitty biscuits. She’s a regular at the dog park, and it’s entirely possible that she's accidentally mixed up cat nip and oregano when making spaghetti sauce. Here are some great ideas to make your fur baby’s mom purr.

  • Sockwell Feline Fancy & Canine Cuddle Socks: Express your love of all things fur baby with our dog- and cat-inspired sock designs. Our Women’s Feline Fancy and Canine Cuddle compression socks offer all the benefits of compression socks, and they’re a great conversation starter to start sharing all the cute things your pet does. For the mom who isn’t so keen on compression, there’s also the Women’s Cuddle Kitty and Cuddle Buddy in our everyday Essential Comfort styles.
  • Dog Treat Maker: As a kid, I used to love those special mornings when we made waffles as a family. Now, you can share that same kind of experience…with your pets. These dog treat makers at William-Sonoma is like a waffle iron for dog treats.
  • Scavenger Hunt with Your Pup: Spice up your Mother’s Day dog walk with a scavenger hunt. Before you head out for your daily dog walk on Mother’s Day, go around and hide treats, chew toys, and bones on the route. To make it special for both the pup and their mama, hide them at certain landmarks on the route and create clues for your fur baby mama to identify the landmarks and stroll close enough for the dog to pick up the scent.
We hope we’ve inspired some awesome gift and activity ideas for Mother’s Day based on the things they love…beyond the joy of motherhood. If all else fails, there’s always the classic flowers, breakfast in bed…or depending on how you were as a child, a bottle of wine. Either way, a nice cozy pair of socks goes perfectly with all of the above!

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