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Sockwell's Favorite "Made in the USA" Brands - Part 2

Written By: Kelsey Chernak, Marketing Coordinator

A product stamped with a “Made in the USA” label has always been a sign of quality craftsmanship. This mark also indicates the resilient work from local businesses, who are proud to bring jobs, unique products, and positive influence into the homes of Americans.

From day one, Sockwell has promised to make our socks in the USA. And 14 years later, that promise has remained the same. Our merino wool is sourced right here in America from the Rocky Mountains and very few sock makers can say the same. We also use Southeastern USA knitting mills and distribute our socks from Chattanooga, TN. From our Lifestyle Compression socks–knit for everyone at every age and in whatever you do–to our everyday casual Essential Comfort collection, we believe it's our job to bring you world's best socks from the world's best wool. And we know you don't have to cross the ocean to find it.

I often think about how supporting our local economy is important. How shopping small and local can make the biggest difference for my hometown friend, stranger at the store, or you–my fellow American. Making the choice to buy from brands Made in the USA is like giving a big hug to your neighbor.

Here are some of our Sockwell team’s favorite Made in the USA brands that we love to support:


Mercedes, Design - American Giant

Made in USA

American Giant is driven by the idea to "make things better and make better things." From tops to bottoms, this company was founded on the opportunity to make quality clothing using new technologies and a smaller supply chain. They're still standing today to bring you your go-to hoodies, t-shirts, and bottoms that match your honest, human values.

“I love getting my basics from this “only made in the USA” brand. The quality of the apparel is excellent. The fabrics are durable. And their styling is hip but stands the test of time!” - Mercedes


Thomas, Operations - Polywood Furniture

Made in Indiana

An idea that sparked from two high schoolers in a garage led Polywood to become one of the most innovative outdoor furniture companies in the industry. As American usage of plastics grew, there was a need to transform the overabundance of recycled plastics into something meaningful. The perfect application was durable, weather-resistant patio furniture. Polywood currently recycles over 400,000 milk jugs per day, transforms them into lumber, and creates an array of Adirondack chairs, benches, dining, and more!

"I love the utility of the products. Their furniture is made from recycled materials and keeps plastic out of the landfill. Not to mention the wide range of colors and styles." - Thomas


Jim, Sales - WeatherTech

Made in USA

For decades, WeatherTech has led the way in design, engineering, manufacturing, and investing in the American dream. Their standard has always been quality. Quality in materials. Quality in technologies. Quality in the people who make their world-class products. They believe that buying products made in the USA might cost a little more, but it saves you a lot more than a few bucks.

"I love WeatherTech Floor Liners because they are high quality and custom fit for your vehicle type! Not only are they durable and well-made, WeatherTech is also committed to making their products in the USA." - Jim


Emily, Sales - Jane Iredale

Made in USA, with a few product exceptions

Over 25 years ago, Jane Iredale set out to create makeup that was equal parts clean ingredients, skin-loving benefits, and no-fade performance. She knew that the products you put on your skin can make a difference, and she chose to make a positive one.

"I started using Jane Iredale mineral foundation years ago and have expanded into their skincare line over the last year.  I especially love their primer & BeautyPrep Face Cleanser." - Emily


Kelsey, Marketing - Versa Gripps

Made in Maine

Through an unexpected story of resilience, sure-fire determination, heart wrenching hurdles, and one knitting machine, Versa Gripps was born. Weightlifting straps were always viewed as cumbersome and often cut off circulation at the wrists, but the Parker family knew there had to be a solution. One that could change the weightlifting game forever. Versa Gripps is now a staple in the industry and worn by top athletes all over the world.

“I use my Versa Gripps Pro in weekly gym sessions. They give me the extra support I need to lift heavier and train better, while going easy on my hands. After I started using these grips, I can promise you I will never go to the gym without them. This brand is also family owned, made on the beautiful coast of Maine and uses solar energy–everything to love about an awesome product and an even better mission.” - Kelsey


Christopher, Marketing - Topo Designs

Made in Colorado

"It took one look at a Topo Designs trail pack for me to fall in love. Super clean modern designs that also feel classic—right out of a National Parks postcard from the 60s. I don’t know how they’ve done it, but they have. Their hiking day packs are durable and built for the trail, but designed so well that it can double as my commuter pack. I love having a single that is designed to be durable and functional for day hiking and stylish for my life off the trail. Then on top of that, I find out their Made in the USA? No brainer.

I love that their Made in the USA commitment echoes ours at Sockwell—not only are they supporting American workers, but they’re reducing their carbon footprint by having a more compact supply chain. So, if you’re looking for an awesome, stylish backpack that’s as good for the office as it is for the trail, hop over to Topo Designs. You’ll find plenty of other goodies as well, including luggage and apparel, all made with the same commitment to quality, style, and Made in the USA." - Christopher


Annie, Customer Service - Capel Rugs

Made in North Carolina

What once started as a mule plow business has now turned into a historically rich company that makes beautiful, craftsman rugs. With over 100 years in the rug industry, Capel has become synonymous with quality. Not only do they make their rugs in American factories, but their collection of rugs are unrivaled in range, unsurpassed in design, and uncompromising in quality. 

"I love Capel because their beautiful braided rugs are full of craftsmanship and heritage. They remind me of the rugs my great-great grandmother, Cora, made and I loved as a kid. Capel, which is operated in North Carolina–the state I was born in–has been in the same family for 105 years!" - Annie


This is an extension to Sockwell's Favorite "Made in the USA" Brands: Part 1. If you loved our recommendations, take a moment to read our first blog to find more amazing Made in the USA Brands we love to support.

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