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Back to School, Back to Comfort

Back to School, Back to Comfort - Sockwell
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Pop quiz: How do graduated compression socks help teachers’ achy legs and feet?

Teachers are true heroes among us. They educate our youth, begin their day earlier (and stay later) than many of us, mediate stressful situations in and out of the classroom, and perform countless other duties with a smile. As if that weren’t tiring enough, they do it all while standing for hours at a time on a daily basis—a routine that can disrupt blood flow, leading to muscle fatigue and swelling in the ankles and legs.

The good news: There is a back-to-school supply that can bring relief and revitalize the body all at once. Designed with the “on your feet” lifestyle in mind, our Lifestyle Compression socks feature two types of graduated compression that gently massage your muscles and encourage blood flow through your legs. Combined with our custom merino wool blend yarns that are soft and durable enough for all-day wear, it’s a recipe for A+ comfort. 

Whether you’re a teacher yourself or struggle with long periods on your feet in another profession, here’s how to use graduated compression socks to Feel Better in Style.

How Teachers Can Benefit From Compression Socks

Imagine walking into the classroom with a spring in your step, knowing you’ll be able to get through the day with less foot pain and swelling. By the time the last bell rings, you’ll feel as energized as you did when you arrived at work.

As mentioned above, our Lifestyle Compression socks work by promoting circulation and natural blood flow, which can be disrupted by long periods of standing or sitting. The primary benefits from these specialized socks might shock you: You can expect reduced fatigue and swelling in the feet and legs, and minimized varicose veins (which between 30% and 50% of adults may develop, according to The Cleveland Clinic). All you have to do is slip them on and let them start working their magic.

The Best Compression Socks for Teachers

If you’re seeking everyday wellness, we suggest starting with our moderate (15-20mmHg, or millimeters of mercury) graduated compression socks and wearing them long enough to get used to them—it may take a few days, weeks, or months to become acclimated to the pressure. Once you feel comfortable, try switching to our firm (20-30mmHg) graduated compression socks to stimulate even more blood flow and add extra support.

As for sizing, we keep it simple: All of our socks match up to standard men’s and women’s shoe sizes so there’s no confusion. We offer a Wide Calf Fit for several of our women’s styles, as well as Ultra-Light Cushion and No-Cushion options. The rest of your choices fall to your personal preferences on color and pattern, which we add more of every season!

Who Else Can Benefit From Compression Socks?

Of course, our beloved teachers aren’t the only people who are always on their feet and able to benefit from compression socks. This surprisingly simple solution is ideal for anyone who works long hours sitting or standing, including nurses and healthcare professionals, retail workers, food service employees, beauty professionals, truck and ride-share drivers, construction workers, and office workers (whether your “office” is a cubicle or your guest room).

If you travel regularly for work—or for fun!—and spend hours at a time folded into a car or airline seat, compression socks will allow you to get to your destination and beyond in comfort.

They say that teaching is the profession that creates all others, so let’s get these vital members of the community feeling better as they head back to school.

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