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Live Out Loud Collection: Behind the Design

A behind-the-scenes look at a vibrant story, designed with healthcare in mind.

Written by: Mercedes Marchand, VP of Design at Sockwell

While self-care practices like foot rubs and hot baths temporarily ease the pains of “nurse feet syndrome,” nothing quite does the trick like compression socks—for helping to prevent aches and pains as well as recover from them.

Inspired by nurses and the healthcare community, our Live Out Loud colorways are paired with unique designs and technical features that help to alleviate physical discomfort while energizing feet and legs through the benefits of graduated compression. Nestled within our Women’s Lifestyle Compression category, our Live Out Loud colors include a range of hues that gradate from one end of the color spectrum to the other, offering a kaleidoscope of colors to brighten up even the drabbest work wardrobe of scrubs and clogs or sneakers.

What is the Live Out Loud Collection?

Specialty socks for nurses

We’ve taken the idea of “crazy socks” and elevated it, because not every nurse is looking for socks in neon hues with big polka dots and wild patterns on them. Sockwell’s “crazy socks” include an array of bold, punchy colors dispersed throughout a variety of styles in our Women’s Lifestyle Compression category.

Our Live Out Loud color palette starts with purple and blue hues—like Hyacinth, Ocean, and Turquoise—then moves into greens—like Jade —to warm reds and oranges—including Poppy and Red Rock—and finally, to healing pinks—Azalea and Violet. 

While we refer to our bold, punchy colorways internally as the Live Out Loud collection, we encourage you to create your own Live Out Loud collection of feet-huggers by building up an assortment of colors and patterns that uplift your spirit and your blood flow. 

Why design a collection specifically for the healthcare community?

When introducing graduated compression socks into our product assortment nearly a decade ago, we saw the opportunity to develop more sophisticated designs in punchy colors overlaid on highly technical features to support healthcare professionals that do so much for all of us.

We admire the work of nurses, doctors, pharmacists and others within the healthcare community, who are often required to wear a uniform of scrubs or white coats. Our Live Out Loud color collection allows those within the healthcare field to show a little personality and style throughout the workday.

My personal mission is completely aligned with our company’s mission to help people Feel Better in Style. This mission inspires me to create fresh, modern styles every season that not only uplift those who wear them, but also those around them.

Which styles were designed with nurses in mind?

Heart Throb and Lotus Lift are truly vibrant and uplifting styles, knit with thoughtful design and technical features to bring a smile on the faces of nurses and patients alike. Over the years we’ve received incredible feedback from the nurse community. Here’s a recent favorite:

“I love these socks!!! Working long shifts as a nurse and on my feet for hours... these are the best! I have tried other compression stockings before, but these are the only ones that are comfortable, stylish, and actually do the job! They aren’t super tight and don’t leave marks above the socks like other compression stockings do. They are great quality material and wash up nicely. I will continue to buy this brand and nothing else. Love love love!!!” -Shawna

Our Lifestyle Compression category includes two levels of compression, so that every nurse can conquer their shift at their personal level of comfort. While Heart Throb is offered in moderate graduated compression (25-20 mmHg), helping to provide relief to tired, aching legs and minor swelling of feet, Lotus Lift is offered in firm (20-30 mmHg), providing additional support for those who are already feeling the repercussions from years of prolonged standing.

Beyond these two styles, we’ve incorporated a rainbow of colors throughout every style in our Lifestyle Compression category, to ensure there’s something for everyone.

How do these styles stand apart from other compression socks at uniform shops?

Specialty socks for nurses

Our graduated compression socks are a step above the rest for a few reasons. We’ve touched on modern design, which is one of our core values as a company. Beyond design, we continually expand our yarn color palette season after season to incorporate unique colors that complement our existing assortment and connect with what’s happening in the world.  

Our signature yarn blend, Fine Merino Wool/Rayon from Bamboo, is not only durable and resilient; it’s also very soft and naturally thermoregulating. It’s essential for those in the healthcare field to be comfortable in their socks all day, often for 12-hour shifts, so they can perform their best.

How do you continue to stay inspired? 

My favorite part of what I do is getting “love letters” from those whose daily regimen has improved from wearing our compression socks. Many people underestimate the power of graduated compression to help minimize swelling, reduce fatigue, and ward off varicose veins. Combined with our signature yarn blend and fresh, modern designs, these socks have the power to brighten your day in ways you couldn’t imagine until you slip them on your own feet.

Mercedes Marchand, VP of Design at SockwellI’ll leave you with these recent “love letters” that came through as I was finishing up this post:

“I’ve been wearing the 20-30mmHg compression for several years. They are always comfortable and easy to get on and off. The color selection is fantastic. Fun, stylish styles for everyone. Try one pair and you’ll be hooked to want more colors and styles.” -Marcia

“I am a nurse. I work long hours on my feet, sometimes without a break. While by the end of my shift my back, brain or heart may hurt, with these Sockwell socks, my legs do not! Thanks, Sockwell. You are worth your salt.” -Pamela

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