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Welcome to the Sockwell blog, a space for inspiration and motivation to help you live your best life. 

    Live Out Loud Collection: Behind the Design

    Live Out Loud Collection: Behind the Design
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    Nurses nationwide dedicate long hours and sleepless nights to prioritize the care and wellbeing of others. But even with years of rigorous schooling under their belts, nothing can prepare their feet for the many miles they endure during a single shift.

    How to “KonMari” Your Sock Drawer

    KonMari method tidying up
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    If you aren’t familiar with Japanese tidying expert Marie Kondo’s detailed and methodical approach to decluttering, you are falling behind on the pop culture train.

    Spring 2019 Behind the Design

    Behind the Design, Spring 2019
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    Every creative person has their own process. Mine is very tactile. I walk city streets, talking to devoted customers and complete strangers; I attend trend seminars and visit museums and galleries; I consider what’s going on in the world and what’s in the hearts and minds of people; I take lots of pictures; I meditate.

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