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    5 Reasons Compression Socks Help You Recover Better

    5 Reasons Compression Socks Help You Recover Better
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    As a former Division-I collegiate athlete, I experienced moments of intense fatigue, soreness, and injury. I also learned ways to recover faster, so I can perform better. I want to let you in on my secret—sport compression socks and all their amazing benefits.

    Camping for Beginners: How to Pack and Plan Like an Expert

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    Camping sounds like a rather minimalistic vacation to plan—no hotel bookings required, just a tent paired with a campfire. But as you get deeper into the logistics, camping may not seem as “minimal” as you think. Factor in the packing restrictions and menu planning, and you’ve got some strategic planning to conquer before your big trip. Luckily, I’ve accrued some helpful tips throughout my own expeditions that could help out my fellow outdoor travelers.

    How to Fuel Your Marathon Training

    Chattanooga Marathon finish line
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    Let me be clear, I am by no means Chattanooga’s fastest runner; so, if you are seeking a recipe to guarantee qualification in the Boston Marathon you will not find it here. Nor am I a licensed nutritionist—although I did consult with a nutritionist when writing this post.

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