We’re wishing you a very comfortable Leap Day! Take some of this "extra" time to learn why our graduated compression socks—including our new Spring 2024 styles—are beneficial to your everyday wellness, inside and out.


  1. Sockwell compression socks are made with custom-blended merino wool
  2. Our tallest heights feature four zones of graduated compression.
  3. Graduated compression socks support and revitalize your legs.
  4. Graduated compression socks also minimize varicose veins...
  5. And reduce fatigue in your legs and feet...
  6. And stabilize muscles...
  7. And minimize swelling from long periods of sitting or standing.
  8. Compression has been proven to help you recover faster.
  9. Sockwell compression socks are available in moderate compression and firm compression.
  10. When you want to feel lighter on your feet, opt for our Featherweight styles—they re spun 30% lighter!
  11. Our simplified sizing means you ll always have the perfect fit.
  12. About that perfect fit: Select styles are available in womens wide calf and mens XXL
  13. Choose from 53+ style options—and counting!
  14. Our collections are full of beautiful colorways, including classic and on-trend hues.
  15. Find the styles that express your personality or mood, from basic to novelty to Live Out Loud (and more!).
  16. Save up to 20% with Lifestyle Compression 3-Packs and Sport Compression 3-Packs.
  17. Our cushion options range from ultra-light cushion to full cushion.
  18. The seamless toe closure maximizes your comfort.
  19. The custom-blended merino wool offers natural odor protection.
  20. And it prevents blisters, too!
  21. Our socks are breathable and performance-based, helping you feel better in everything you do.
  22. Every pair manages moisture and regulates temperature, creating a comfortable microclimate around your feet.
  23. These socks keep your feet dry and feeling fresh.
  24. Experience a soft, smooth hand-feel—on your feet.
  25. Made in the USA. Always.
  26. Every pair is crafted with sustainability in mind, from responsibly sourced merino wool to environmentally friendly dyeing processes to recyclable packaging.
  27. The turn welt top keeps socks secure, all day long.
  28. Targeted arch support delivers support where you need it.
  29. Recognized by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) as a product that promotes good foot health.

Shop all graduated compression socks for men and women.

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