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3 Ways to Enhance Your Favorite Fitness Activities This Fall

Whether it’s the cooler weather or the shorter days, fall often brings a fresh perspective. Run with that shift in mindset and shake up your exercise routine—because whether you make a significant change to your routine or simply tweak your current goals, you just might fall even more in love with your active lifestyle.

With a focus on attainability, these are our top three ways to reinvigorate your workouts this season. Spoiler: None of them involve pumpkin spice.


1. Take It Outside

Now’s the perfect time of year to practice fitness from the inside out. If you typically exercise indoors, modify your routine to take advantage of the season’s ideal weather. Depending on where you live, these crisp temps might last for only a few weeks, so seize the moment! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Running → Trail Running

Swap your treadmill for nearby trails and greenways and be rewarded with better views, fresher air, and possibly some cute dog sightings. Fall is also a popular time of year for 5Ks and marathons, if you want to indulge your competitive streak with a race. 

Stationary Biking → Mountain Biking

Hopping on the stationary bike in your living room or at your local spinning studio is always a win, but pedaling outdoors offers bonuses like a cool breeze and bone-fortifying vitamin D. Don’t forget your helmet!

Interval Training → Outdoor Circuits

Grab a workout buddy and head to the park, playground, or any other grassy area with a flat surface. Bring portable equipment like resistance bands or a jump rope if you have them, or keep it simple with your favorite body-weight exercises.


2. Set New Goals

We make changes to our schedules, our wardrobes, and even our clocks every fall, so why not freshen up our fitness goals while we’re at it? If you’re a runner, shoot for a new PR or increase your daily run by a mile. If you play group sports, set your eyes on a league championship. If you stick to exercise classes, try a different kind (or a different instructor). Push yourself, even in small ways, and you’ll be surprised by what you can do! 

We also must remind you that as fall sets in, the days become shorter. So in addition to getting enough exercise, it’s important to get enough sleep—for adults, the CDC recommends at least seven hours every night. Boost your zzz’s by heading outside within an hour of waking up and avoiding bright and artificial lights (like your phone) before bedtime.


3. Prioritize Your Comfort 

Exercise of any kind can take a toll on your body, so make sure you treat it well while you’re on the move as well as at rest. Our Sport Compression socks are the perfect companion for your active lifestyle because they energize your step, control foot odor, prevent blisters, minimize swelling, and help you recover faster. In other words, they’ll help you feel your best as you’re working your hardest.

All of our Sports Compression socks are knit with custom homegrown merino wool blends—meaning they're super soft and breathable—and feature an ultra-smooth toe closure and arch support. Choose the level of compression (moderate or firm) and sock height (over-the-calf, crew, quarter, or micro) that suit your go-to activities best. Our over-the-calf and crew styles provide graduated compression up your leg to boost circulation, while our quarter and micro styles have a compression fit around the foot and ankle to help stabilize the muscles and tendons.

Tip: You can also browse our Sport Compression socks by fitness category: Fitness & Running, Outdoor & Hiking, and Ski & Snow

We think you’ll love the benefits of our Sport Compression socks as much as you love the benefits of your active lifestyle. Go ahead and put them to the test!



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