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    Camping for Beginners: How to Pack and Plan Like an Expert

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    Camping sounds like a rather minimalistic vacation to plan—no hotel bookings required, just a tent paired with a campfire. But as you get deeper into the logistics, camping may not seem as “minimal” as you think. Factor in the packing restrictions and menu planning, and you’ve got some strategic planning to conquer before your big trip. Luckily, I’ve accrued some helpful tips throughout my own expeditions that could help out my fellow outdoor travelers.

    Top 5 Things to Do in Chattanooga This Summer

    Chattanooga summer activities
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    This Southeastern Tennessee gem of a city has welcomed travelers of all ages to come indulge on the scenic wonders brought to you by hiking trails, waterfalls and mountaintop views. While it’s best known for some of its bigger attractions, I’m here to give you my personal guide through a road less traveled for a more localized, outdoor experience of Chattanooga, the city I’m grateful to call home.

    How to Pack a Suitcase Like a Pro

    How to pack a suitcase for summer travel
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    As temperatures rise and pool days become more frequent, it can only mean one thing—summer vacation is upon us. But before you shuffle through your closet and double-down on travel outfits, I’ve put together a few pointers and a travel checklist from my own experience that will help guide you on how to pack a suitcase.

    My Quest to Happiness After Enduring a Spinal Cord Injury

    The road to physical recovery with spinal cord injury survivor, Aika Yoshida
    Posted on
    With the help of therapy sessions, assisting products and a bit of patience, I’ve overcome a challenging, yet rewarding, recovery from my spinal cord injury.

    Exploring Corsica’s Wild Side: Long Distance Hiking

    GR 20 Trailhead, Corsica
    Posted on
    After hiking for sixteen days, covering 110 miles, summiting six peaks along the way, crossing wind swept ridges and experiencing breathtaking views, “Je l’ai fait!” I did it! Written by Barbara Schwarz, 55, life-long adventurer and world traveler

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