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Wool You Be My Valentine Gift Guide

By Christopher Newgent, Marketing Director

This weekend, I had the sudden realization that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and true to form, I’d yet to figure out how to show my special someone how special they are to me. If you’re like me, you’ve just frantically hopped on Google and punched in “last minute Valentine’s Day gifts,” hoping to find that perfect gift (and hopefully fast shipping).

To help you out, I thought I’d put together a bit of a Valentine’s Day gift guide with some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him or her, based on a few things they might be into. Of course, I toss some of our favorite socks in the mix, but we also wanted to throw in some of other gift ideas for you. 

Valentine Gifts for Nursing & Healthcare Workers

We hope everyone is showing their appreciation for our nurses and healthcare workers, but they could definitely use some extra love care right now. Here are a few gifts to lighten their long shifts. 

Stylish Merino Wool Compression Socks for NursesStylish Compression Socks to Ease their Tired Feet
Featuring beautiful, modern fashions for both men and women, our Lifestyle Compression socks are designed with both comfort and style in mind. Knitted up with our custom merino wool + bamboo rayon, these socks feel luxurious on your feet and the graduated compression helps energize their step and reduce fatigue throughout their long shifts! 



Wellness for your Feet

Massaging Foot Bath
Who am I kidding? I'm not a nurse myself, but I would absolutely love one of these. I encourage you to look for one of these at your local pharmacy (ideally a mom & pop if there's one near you), but if not, there are some great options on Amazon that could get to you in time for Valentine's Day.

Nature Lovers

I feel lucky to be in Chattanooga. Not only am I surrounded by the beautiful hills and valleys of the southern Appalachian Mountains, but the weather is good enough that my partner and I are able to get out and enjoy Mother Nature pretty much year round. If you and your loved one are like us and love to hike and camp in the great outdoors, here are a few favorite things that might make for a wonderful time in the woods. 

The Best Merino Wools Hiking Socks with CompressionMerino Wool Hiking Socks
When you don't have to worry about your feet getting tired or blistered, you can focus more on the beautiful sights and sounds of nature around you. I've been wearing my Sockwell merino wool hiking socks on all my hikes and trail runs since I started working here. I'll admit, I'm spoiled. I'll never hike in anything else.



Trekking Poles and Taking Care of Your Feet while HikingTrekking Poles
I won't lie: I used to be one of those people that thought trekking poles were for gear heads or older people. That's until I ventured out on a 20-mile backpacking trip a couple years ago, and realized how much strain an extra 35 pounds of gear, food, and water can put on my knees and ankles. As soon as I got home, I ordered me a pair of trekking poles from REI, and I've never turned back. They actually came in handy on the very next backpacking trip when I had a bad Plantar Fasciitis flare-up, and I was able to use them almost as crutches to hike the last couple miles back to the trailhead.

Fitness Flames

This year has changed a lot for me and my fitness regimen, and I'm sure I'm not alone. I've not set foot inside a gym in almost a year, but making time for trail running and cycling has done wonders for my mental and physical health. Here are a couple ideas for your fitness flame or gym partner. 

Sockwell Compression Socks for Running, Training at the GymOur New Traverse Run / Fitness Series
I'm not gonna lie–I've been excited to launch this sock ever since we knitted up samples last summer. I mean, our running socks are pretty awesome in general, but the new Traverse Run/Fitness series is one of my all-time favorite Sockwell designs. The merino wool keeps my feet cool, dry, and blister free, and the compression fit has helped support my feet and Achilles, which has been especially helpful as I've managed my Plantar Fasciitis issues while getting into trail running this past year.

Quality Yoga Mats and other Wellness gearA Quality Yoga Mat
Lots of people, including myself, have transitioned to working out at home. Many gyms, yoga instructors, and trainers have followed suit by holding online sessions over Zoom or similar platforms. When I started doing yoga, I got a cheap-o mat from the department store, and suffered the common issues of slippery sweaty palms, not enough cushion, and peeling/crumbling mat surfaces. I treated myself to a quality yoga mat, and instantly enjoyed yoga 10x more than before. When it comes to the surface on which you're sitting, stretching, and moving–don't skimp if you can.

Cuddle Companions

My partner and I have taken lockdown and social distancing very seriously over the past year, and as such, our Valentine's date night is going to look at lot different this year than last. Being in the south, we were hoping for a warm front to blow through so we could enjoy an evening walk or picnic at a park. But if not, we're going to make it a special night in with takeout from our favorite local restaurant and snuggled up for a movie night. 

Cozy Merino Wool Socks for Snuggly Winter DaysOur Plushest, Coziest Socks for Men & Women
A snuggly night in watching movies, eating popcorn, and drinking hot cocoa (and Bailey's) calls for the coziest of cozy socks. My girlfriend's favorite sock for a winter evening at home is her Sockwell Women's Sweet Pea with it's medium cushion and touch of alpaca wool for extra warmth and comfort. And for the exact same reasons, I have to recommend the Sockwell Men's Rover II. You're not going to find better socks for a relaxing night in with your special someone.


Hot Sipping Chocolate from Chattanooga's Hot ChocolatierSipping Chocolate Mix from Chattanooga's Hot Chocolatier
Since Valentine's Day is squarely in mid-February, hot chocolate makes the perfect night-cap. And if you're like us and want to spice it up with a bit of Irish cream liqueur...well then...you're in for a real treat. But don't settle for Swiss Miss. Support an awesome, Chattanooga-based chocolate shop and get a canister of Sipping Chocolate mix from The Hot Chocolatier. It's the best hot chocolate I've ever had in my life, and what better excuse than Valentine's Day to treat yourself and your loved one to the best? 


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