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Welcome to the Sockwell blog, a space for inspiration and motivation to help you live your best life. 

    Sockwell’s Favorite “Made in the USA” Brands

    Sockwell’s Favorite “Made in the USA” Brands
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    A product stamped with a “Made in the USA” label has always been a sign of quality craftsmanship. But now more than ever, this mark also indicates the resilient work from local businesses who care about making a positive influence in their communities. Sockwell has promised to always make our socks in the USA, and we want to recommend these 7 "Made in the USA" brands for you to help show your love and support.

    Top 5 Things to Do in Chattanooga This Summer

    Chattanooga summer activities
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    This Southeastern Tennessee gem of a city has welcomed travelers of all ages to come indulge on the scenic wonders brought to you by hiking trails, waterfalls and mountaintop views. While it’s best known for some of its bigger attractions, I’m here to give you my personal guide through a road less traveled for a more localized, outdoor experience of Chattanooga, the city I’m grateful to call home.

    Your Sockwell Socks are Made Right Around the Corner in the USA

    One of the founding principles at Sockwell is our iron clad commitment to American Made product.  We take pride in our “Made in the USA” product and the smaller footprint it creates.    From the earliest days of our company, we’ve partnered with American
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    Right around the corner from our offices in Chattanooga, TN, is Heritage Hosiery, a local mill with world-class knitting machines and a team of people committed to making the best socks money can buy.

    How to Fuel Your Marathon Training

    Chattanooga Marathon finish line
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    Let me be clear, I am by no means Chattanooga’s fastest runner; so, if you are seeking a recipe to guarantee qualification in the Boston Marathon you will not find it here. Nor am I a licensed nutritionist—although I did consult with a nutritionist when writing this post.

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